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8-Week Modern Analytics Setup

An efficient and scalable data infrastructure following best practice analytics processes for high-growth companies.

  • Toolstack Recommendation
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Data Dictionary
  • Data Centralisation & Modelling
  • Automated Dashboard on KPIs

Long-Term Sales & Operational Efficiency

Clear visibility over sales, costs, and actionable insights to optimise growth for fast-scaling eCommerce businesses.

  • Centralise and model data sources
  • Automated dashboards on sales, profit margins, campaign performances and repeat purchases
  • LTV-driven marketing optimisation
  • Behavioural-driven CRM strategies
  • Text analytics on customer feedback

Freemium Apps
Maximise Retention & Monetisation

Automated insights to guide healthy and efficient growth on both free and paid users.

  • Centralise data and model KPIs on a value-driven customer journey
  • Automated dashboards on acquisition, conversion, engagement and retention
  • Customer LTV prediction and segmentation models
  • Churn propensity and prevention

Increase Customer Retention
Finding & Following Your North Star

Discover your Aha! moment and automate dashboards with north star metrics to guide retention effort.

  • Define and model KPIs throughout the customer journey
  • Uncover the Aha! moment, when users realise the full value of your product and convert to long-term customers
  • Visualisations on north star metrics and interactive retention cohorts
Marketing ROI Optimisation
LTV & Data-Driven Marketing Spend

Increase marketing efficiency over healthy long-term return for companies spending on multiple platforms.

  • Automated data extract across marketing channels
  • Build customer lifetime value prediction and estimate campaign long-term ROI
  • Centralised cross-platform reporting
  • Alerts on campaign optimisation recommendations
Customer Segmentation
Tailored Customer Journey

Personalise at scale to create the best user experience in order to boost retention and CLTV.

  • Model customer segmentation algorithms
  • Productionise the model to be integrated with your product for tailored CRM and user journey
  • Automated dashboard on KPIs trends by segment

Automate A/B Test Results
Statistics-Powered Feedback

Timely and easily digestible results for companies with a continuous testing approach on their products.

  • Best practice review on test implementations
  • Standardise test and counter metrics
  • Model A/B test results by variants backed by statistical significance
  • Automated performance feedback at your desired frequency

Natural Language Processing
From Text Data To Qualitative Insights

Turn large volume of text data into qualitative insights on customer experience and competitor intelligence.

  • Integrate text data into your own data warehouse
  • Productionise NLP models and merge with other data sources
  • Automated dashboard on trending topics and customer sentiment
  • Automated competitor insights from public reviews

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