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Hi there, welcome to 173Tech. We are an analytics agency.
Using our modern analytics framework, we help businesses organise data quickly and efficiently in order to unlock growth drivers.

Your Analytics

We help you identify and prioritise data projects with the highest impact on growth, covering the whole lifecycle from marketing spend optimisation to retention and monetisation.


We are a team of skilled programmers that cover the entire data pipeline: infrastructure setup and optimisation, ETL processes, data visualisations and machine learning algorithms.

Why 173

We have been through this journey many times. We move fast and we do things properly.

Our team of advanced analysts and engineers can setup your infrastructure and automated reporting in 8 to 12 weeks. If you are already setup, you can tap into our resources to get specific projects delivered quicker.


Having all necessary skills in your team can be challenging and costly, especially at early stages. We customise your 173 team and data projects based on your current needs and adapt constantly as you grow.

Best Practices

We have seen data at a very, very big scale. We make sure that you incorporate analytics best practices from the very beginning - saving you time and headaches down the line.

Let Us Help You

We offer long term partnerships, project deliveries or weekly sprints depending on what works best for you.

Our Core Projects


Designed for early stage startups to track and identify growth opportunities with a simple yet scalable data infrastructure.


Ideal for startups that have been gathering data and looking to optimise infrastructure, automate reporting and mine deeper insights.


Tailored for startups with a solid analytics infrastructure and ready to accelerate growth with sophisticated data science models.

Our Areas Of Focus


Data Engineering

Building scalable data infrastructures

  • Toolstack recommendation
  • Data infrastructure setup
  • Customised data extracts
  • Event tracking
  • ETL automation and optimisation


Providing actionable insights timely

  • Data modelling
  • Analytics strategy
  • Reporting automation
  • Insight mining
  • A/B testing results automation

Data Science

Getting further with machine learning

  • Marketing ROI optimisation
  • Marketing buying automation
  • Lifetime value (LTV) prediction
  • Retention and churn propensity
  • Customer segmentation
  • Natural language processing (NLP)

The 173 Team

Helping startups scale into unicorn status with the power of data.

Candice Ren


Built and scaled the analytics function at dating unicorn Bumble and Badoo (acquired by Blackstone at $3 Billion valuation in 2019).


Robin Watteaux


Led the marketing analytics transformation at Bumble and Badoo. Ex digital marketer working at Essence on the Google account.


Adrian Macias

Principal Data Architect

Spent the last decade building state of the art data infrastructures for fast growing start-ups with a focus on open source solutions.

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